7 Things Humans Can Learn From Animals And Smile


Like humans, animals are incredible creatures too. They follow their own behavioral and social rules. They are cute and sometimes absolutely adorable. We love them, admire them and at times end up learning a thing or two from them. Compassion, love and loyalty, animals teach us more than we can bargain for.

Here are 7 lessons that we can learn from animals-

1.Loyalty to others:


Dogs are a man’s best friends. They teach us to love everyone around us. Many animals like penguins have only one mate for the rest of their lives. Loyalty is quite prevalent in the animal kingdom.

2.To enjoy the present:


Animals don’t worry so much about the future; they enjoy the present as it is. We should learn from to live in the present moment, worry less about the future and smile more often every day. They teach us to that there is no other time to be happy than the present.

3.They teach us to be compassionate:


Pets instill in us compassion for animals and become a part of our family. They are like one of our family members. Growing up with a pet teaches us to have compassion not only for other animals, but also for other humans too.

4.They teach us to to live together:


Most animal herds live in packs to increase their survival rate. They are stronger together as a pack as opposed to just one individual. This teaches us that we too should live in a close circuit of family and friends. We should stay united and face all adversities as one family, not as one individual.

5. Give respect to your elders:


The elder elephants in a tribe are the matriarchs of the tribe till the day they pass away. They have immense knowledge and can tell when droughts are approaching and hence they have a higher survival rate than other elephant herds without many matriarchs and elders. These matriarchs are highly respected and revered in a tribe.

6. To listen to our gut feeling:


Haven’t you had the feeling when you have to make a choice and you choose the first thing but something in the pit of your stomach tells you to choose the second thing? Animals always follow their instincts and so should we because our instincts are always almost correct.

7. They teach us to never give up:


Every year, birds fly for more than a thousand of miles and migrate to locations on the other side of the hemisphere in more preferable and comfortable seasons. Salmon fish travel upstream to procreate. If such tiny animals and fish can persevere, so can we. We just have to keep trying.

The animal kingdom is mysterious and mystifying. The vastness of this kingdom has a lot of lessons to offer. So smile and learn because these lessons can make your life better.

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