Smile Because Here Are 7 Reasons Urdu Is A Truly Beautiful Language And Must Be Preserved


One language that we can all agree is beautiful is that of Urdu. Urdu, as a language, just rolls of your tongue smoothly and touches your heart with its beautiful words and pronunciations. Many people switch languages and use Urdu words to express how they feel because feelings can be best expressed in Urdu. Urdu poetry is highly influential and loved.

Read below 7 reasons why Urdu is a beautiful language that must be preserved-

1. The words sound sweet:


Most Urdu words are very sweet to hear. They fall lightly on your ears and you actually feel calmed by the language. Words like sukoon, noor, seher, aafreen, inaayat, taabir and siddat are just a few of the hundreds of alluring words that make up the Urdu language. Undoubtedly, it is a pleasant language.

2. They are eloquent:


Urdu is a very elegant language. The sound is very magical and you can easily fall in love with someone who is speaking Urdu because of the touch of eloquence that the language carries.

3. Urdu poetry is one of the best:


Urdu poetry is very rich. Ghalib and Iqbal’s poetry have inspired us for ages. Shayari, sufi songs and ghazals are mostly written in Urdu. Many Bollywood songs are highly influenced by Urdu, which just goes on to prove the popularity of the language. Urdu literature is a treasure that needs to be preserved.


4. The words are touching:


Urdu is a very eloquent language. The words are mesmerizingly pleasing and because of that, they seem to touch your heart and express exactly what you are feeling.

5. We don’t even realize when we are speaking Urdu:


Hindi speakers are sometime shocked to learn that some of the words that they use daily are actually Urdu words and not Hindi words. Many Hindi and Urdu words have crossed over in each other’s languages. Sometimes, a Hindi speaker will express her/himself in Urdu without even realizing because we are so used to them and because these words are truly more beautiful than their Hindi counter parts. The Urdu language has become an important part of life for the Hindi speakers too.

6. Calligraphy of the script is beautiful too:


The Urdu script is written in calligraphy and it is yet another alluring thing about the language. It is not only beautiful to listen to but also beautiful to read. The calligraphy is very pretty and is a true work of art.

A language with serene sounds and beautiful calligraphy, Urdu is a language that we cannot even think of forgoing at all. The beauty of Urdu is truly captivating and mesmerizing.

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